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More about Linjett 40

Quality boat

Rosättra båtvarv

The Rosättra shipyard

Even though the ship yard has existed for more than a hundred years, the Rosättra shipyard was a well kept secret for quite some time. Nowadays boating people on Sweden’s East coast refer to the Linjett boat type with great respect.
“- They are fine boats.”

s/y Aquileja under byggnation

s/y Aquileja when being built

On Sweden’s West coast however, people still become somewhat uncertain when Linjett is being mentioned. It is well known that first-rate yachts are built on the Orust island on the West coast.

The Linjett boat type are often compared to the Orust builds, but in general the Orust yachts are considered a little more sluggish, more apt for the ocean than for the archipelago.

Fast boat

s/y Aquileja

s/y Aquileja

A Linjett combines the best from two worlds. Linjett boats have won innumerable races and the Linjett 40 is no exception. She carries advanced sails generating a lot of speed. The SRS-rating of the Linjett 40 is 1,296.

Perfect charter boat in the Stockholm archipelago

Med Linjett 40 kommer man in i de flesta naturhamnar

With a Linjett 40 you will reach into most natural harbours.

While being a fast boat, the Linjett is also a serious quality build withstanding tough conditions and allowing for safe sailing. The cockpit is refreshingly free from halyards and sheets,  which one otherwise, easily might become entangled in. No risk either to be in the way for or get hurt by the mainsail sheet – it is located on the cabin roof.

The yachting world is not unaffected by fashion trends, but in the case of Linjetts such trends are adopted just slowly by the Linjett designer, Mats Gustavsson. Apart from the fact that the Linjett is beautiful in a classical sense, the leaning bow contributes to the ease of getting ashore. Many modern boats have a rather straight bow, which could make it difficult to get close enough. If you want to reach into most natural harbours you also have to consider that the boat does not have too much draft. The Linjett has a reasonable draft of 2 meters. The Linjett 40 is one of the best boat types in its size for discovering the islands of the archipelago.

Aquileja_salong_fran_forenComfortable boat

When you have finished sailing  it is well catered with amenities on board the s/y Aquileja. The comparison with the Orust builds is also due to the exclusive interior. It cannot evade anyone that the shipyard has a long tradition of boating carpentry. The saloon is inviting with its big sofa and two comfortable armchairs. In the kitchenette you will obviously find an oven and a fridge as well as a hot and cold fresh water. If temperature would decrease we turn the heating on. There is a shower in the bathroom, but in case it is warm outside you might prefer a shower on the stern swim platform. If nature would not offer entertainment enough there is audio equipment and a TV to help out. When it is time to sleep there are up to eight berths, of which two are located in the saloon. One of the cabins is more suitable for an adult with a kid though.

Safety on boardWhether the boat looks like a pleasure or a commercial craft does not matter - if you carry paying guests you have to follow the same rules and regulations concerning safety on board. We have noticed that this is an area generating questions, which is the reason for dedicating a few words to the safety policy on board the s/y Aquileja.For smaller craft it could be complicated to apply rules and regulations which are really developed for the larger tonnage. This is no excuse however, for ignoring them. Instead, you need to understand their purpose and, where applicable, find out how alternative solutions can be applied and approved by the maritime administration. Hissa segel has put down a lot of effort to develop a safety solution adapted for a sail boat, which is still harmonizing with the, sometimes, cumbersome regulatory framework.Testing of safety equipment

A safety solution encompasses routines on board as well as the selection of suitable equipment. On board we carry, among other things, a covered life raft, which inflates automatically when launched, immersion suit, floating overalls, life jackets with built in harness, life lines, Jack stays, life buoy, man over board equipment, radio communication equipment, an extra portable radio, parachute rescue lights, GPS navigator, AIS (Automatic Identification System), radar, radar reflector, automatic fog horn, lightning rods, fire extinguishers and lots of other things. Before we cast off, we start with a safety introduction for all participants.

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