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Conference in the Stockholm Archipelago

Kul med ett avbrott i konferensen.

Great with a conference break

Cast off and hoist sail!

Are you thinking about a common activity in connection to your seaside conference in the Stockholm area? What could be more tempting than sailing? If you have not booked your conferencing facility yet, we could assist you in finding a place with good berthing for sailboats. Have you already booked your archipelago conference? Please contact us for more information how we can assist you with your activities. Are you a small group, up to eight-ten people, why not have your meeting on board?

Hissa segel offers charter sail tours for groups of up to about 100 people needing eight to ten boats.

Why sail with us? We tailor events to your specific requirements. Our guests also seem to enjoy themselves and we get a lot of positive feedback. “- This is the best activity we’ve done at the company”, one guest said.

Sailing Events in Connection to a Seaside Conference

Please find below a few examples of sailing events well suited for conferences.

You can also download our conference brochure, unfortunately available in Swedish only, Broschyr seglingsaktiviteter – konferens/kick-off »

See a few tips on good harbours where you can start or end your cruise »

Ledningsgruppen får plats ombord

There is room enough on board for the management team

Conference on board

For a smaller group, eight-ten people, it could be very efficient to convene for a meeting on board. Intimate and relaxed.

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Lunchen uppdukad

Lunch served on a cliff

Picnic or Barbecue on an Archipelago Island

We bring you to an archipelago island, where we unpack the picnic basket or enjoy a barbecue.The Picnic basket is well suited for lunch, while we prefer to light the grill for the sunset dinner. A good idea is the combine this with a race.

Read more under Picnic on an Archipelago Island ».

Det är kul att tävla - ännu roligare att vinna

It is fun to participate - even better to win


Racing is a great exercise strengthening bonding and fighting spirit. We come to your conferencing facility, lay out a race course and let you practise a little and then it is up to you struggle against the other boats.

Read more under Racing ».

I väntan på konferensgäster på väg tillbaka till stan

Waiting for conferencing guests heading for the city

Sailing Insted of a Water Taxi or Passenger Boat

Create distance between you and the daily grind. Skip the regular boat service and sail leisurely to or from your archipelago destination.

Read more under Transport with a Difference »


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