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Sail with Family and Friends in the Stockholm Archipelago

Rent a Skippered Sailboat!

Linjett 40

Linjett 40

Are you looking for something to do in the company of your family or good friends? Do you feel a little rusty in terms of your sailing skills? Are you not at home in the Stockholm archipelago or did you never sail before? Rent a sailboat in the Stockholm archipelago with a skipper on board. Hissa segel offers sail charter for small groups and families who just need one boat up to groups of about 100 people needing eight to ten boats.

Sometimes, having a professional skipper on board is a clear necessity. At other times, experienced sailors in the crew may want to escape the responsibility. Then again, if you want to do the sailing yourself, we can promise you some exciting sailing. In such instances, the skipper will keep himself in the background.

If you’re not familiar with the Stockholm Archipelago, the skipper will become your guide, able to assist with navigation in the outer archipelago or in finding pleasant sailing routes and good natural harbours.

Why Sail with Us? We tailor events to your specific requirements. Our guests also seem to enjoy themselves and we get a lot of positive feedback:

After a private event we received the following mail: “We want to thank you so much for the fantastic cruise … in a perfect yacht, with perfect weather conditions and perfect food and sweets.”

Sailing Events

Please find below a few examples of activities well suited for your family or buddy sailing event_


Kylie från Nya Zeeland och Mary från USA upptäcker skärgården en tidig vår.

Kylie from New Zeeland and Mary from USA discovering the archipelago early season

Private Sailing Events

Are you looking for something to do in the company of good friends? Do you want to show the archipelago for visiting friends or do you just want to get away?

Read more about our Private Sailing Events »

Traditionsenligt midsommarfirande.

Traditional Midsummer celebration

Midsummer Sailing

There is no better place to enjoy Swedish Midsummer than the Stockholm archipelago. Hissa segel brings you there.

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Ängsö nationalpark

The National Park of Ängsö

Sail to the Culture

The archipelago is full of historic sites and culturally attractive locations. Allow yourself to become culturally enriched by some archipelago sight seeing.

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Segling på Riddarfjärden

Sailing on Riddarfjärden in the middle of Stockholm

Sightseeing Stockholm from a Sailboat

Show off Stockholm from its best side – the sea. Experience sailing in a big city.

Read more about Sightseeing Stockholm from the Sea »

Solnedgång över Ornö i slutet av oktober

Sunset over Ornö end of Octobre

Autumn Sailing

In the autumn the archipelago turns into a slower pace. It is warmer than you might expect and everything becomes a little more crispy.

Read more about  Autumn Saling »

Price Examples

Get an idea what it might cost.

See our Price Examples »



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