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Sailing Events

Nothing beats the feeling of casting off ahead of a wonderful boat tour. With a little help from an experienced skipper, it’s easier than most people think. In fact, it’s not unusual for people to experience a sense of well-deserved pride.

Although we tailor your event to your specific requirements, we’ve put together a few suggestions which you might consider. Activities of various kinds can also be combined. Our events are suitable for the most widely differing contexts. Do you want to discover the beauty of Stockholm for yourself or perhaps show off the archipelago to visitors? Do you want to encourage team bonding in a management group, do you need a place to stage a kick-off meeting, do you want something fun to do in the company of good friends? Sailing is the answer…

Everyone who wants to, can try casting off, hoisting and trimming the sails, steering, navigating and everything associated with the sailing experience. If you just want to sit back and enjoy, that’s good too.

We offer catering services, but if you want to provide the food and drink yourself that’s no problem.

Transport With a Difference

Create distance between you and the daily grind. Glide away to or from your archipelago destination.

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Inför Gotland Runt-starten 2009

The ÅF Offshore Race (Round Gotland Race)

Do you feel like some challenging ocean racing?/span>

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Christmas Party Sailing

Experience the magic of the Stockholm archipelago during winter. Charter a skippered sailboat when you head for your Christmas smorgasbord.

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Det är kul att tävla - ännu roligare att vinna


Hungry for some racing? Racing generates a strong sense of involvement.

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Ledningsgruppen får plats ombord

Conference on Board

Combining sailing with meetings on board can achieve results that cannot be matched on shore.

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Lunchen framdukad

Picnic on an Archipelago Island

Do you want to come out and enjoy the peace and beautiful surroundings the archipelago has to offer? Bring your picnic basket or a barbecue buffet and hop ashore on an archipelago island.

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Ängsö nationalpark

Sail to the Culture

Discover archipelago culture or strike historic sites in the company of an authorized guide.

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Sail to an Archipelago Tavern

Has your entertaining become monotonous? Invite your guests to an unforgettable experience.

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Filippa tog med sina föräldrar på en födelsedagsseglats.

Private Sailing Events

Are you looking for something to do in the company of good friends? Do you want to show the archipelago for visiting friends or do you just want to get away?

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Segling på Riddarfjärden

Stockholm Sightseeing from the Sea

Stockholm must be enjoyed from the sea. Arrange a memorable sight seeing tour.

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Team Building / Kick Off

Not just the sails, perhaps even the team needs trimming…

Read more about sailing in conjunction with Team building / kick off »

Price Examples

What does it cost? We have chosen to offer the best competitive price per event instead of having fixed prices. In case we can set up the events so that we save time when transporting our boats, we let our customers share our savings.

Just so that you get an idea of the price level, we have put together a few Price Examples »

Suggested routes

We have collected a few tips on nice destinations, harbours and routes » (under development)

Team building


We can assist you with arranging other kinds of activities in conjunction with your sailing activity.

See examples of other kinds of Activities »

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